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One of 1990s Largest Selling Recording Groups, With Sales of Over 10,000,000 CDs, Chooses Worlds to Create 3D, Internet-Enabled, Interactive Virtual World, Including 3D Online E-Commerce

Boston, Mass. May 4, 1999 - Worlds Inc. (OTC:WDDD;, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Hansonopoly Inc. which represents platinum recording artists Hanson, to place Worlds three-dimensional (3D) Internet technology and content on a special CD scheduled to be released in June.

The HansonWorld CD will include various 3D environments for tens of thousands of members of the Hanson fan club, 'MOE', to enter, explore, meet and greet one another in visually rich environments specially designed for this Hanson CD by Worlds. Among the several 3D environments Worlds has created for this CD is, a 3D online E-commerce merchandise store where Hanson fans can purchase the most comprehensive selection of official Hanson merchandise available on the internet.

This fan club CD will also include several songs by Hanson, as well as video footage of Hanson, which has sold more than 10 million CDs worldwide since 1997.

According to Thom Kidrin, President of Worlds, "the 3D created, owned and operated by Worlds is a unique internet experience that lets users in HansonWorld click on a mannequin wearing a Hanson cap or T-shirt and see the mannequin rotate, allowing potential buyers to see a full 360 degree view. If the consumer then wishes to purchase an item, he or she merely clicks on the item which takes the buyer to, the Company's SuperStars SuperStore, where the buyer can complete the purchase online."

Steven G. Chrust, Chairman of Worlds noted "we are pleased to add Hanson to the Worlds' 3D multimedia, interactive, online community. Hanson fans will enjoy their first 3D interactive chat experience while being able to listen to the music of Hanson and shop for Hanson branded merchandise."

Chrust also noted that "this is another step towards Worlds becoming The 3D Internet channel. This Agreement, coupled with our recently announced relationship with Road Runner, one of the two leading broadband, cable, internet service providers, is only the beginning of Worlds' rollout and further highlights the Company's strategy to build a leading edge, 3D enhanced, community building platform, initially focusing on the music industry."

About Worlds Inc.
The Company creates, markets, and operates three-dimensional (3D) interactive, multimedia, virtual environments for the internet, utilizing its proprietary technology. Worlds' Internet software and content is delivered and installed via broadband interactive cable networks or embedded on traditional audio CDs, and forms the basis for multi-user chat, E-commerce and advertising forums. Worlds' software and content permit animation and motion on the Internet which allows online users to experience the ability to move about various spaces via the selection of an avatar (one's alter ego character) for self-representation on the Internet. Worlds Avatar Gallery has over 100 different characters (avatars) from which an online user may select. It may be a real person, an animal, a cartoon character, or even a bird. These online users can also meet other avatars with whom they can communicate in various ways, including, but not limited to traditional text chat or real voice-to-voice chat; these users can even wave to and dance with one another and exhibit numerous other behavior patterns, all in a highly interactive, real time, online environment.

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Thom Kidrin